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7/22/07 Motorcycle Ride

I went for another ride on Sunday for about 110 miles. Highway T is a very nice ride and there were very few cars. I stopped along 76 and took the picture below. I suppose if I am going to try to take pictures I need to get better at it and maybe use a camera instead of my phone.

Link to Google Map


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New Soft Gel Seat

After riding several hundred miles on the original Kawasaki seat I decided that I could not take it much longer. So I ordered the new Soft Gel Seat from Kawasaki. This new seat is much more comfortable than the original seat since I now have a short backrest in the seat and the cushion is softer. The passenger portion is much larger which is the only portion that I do not like about the seat. From the back the seat flares out which makes it look kind of silly on my "custom" looking motorcycle. Oh well, comfort first, then looks. I have yet to have anyone actually try the passenger seat so I don’t know how comfortable it is. It has to be great since it is so large… only time will tell.


 PIC-0026 PIC-0025



PIC-0034 PIC-0035

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7/15/07 Motorcycle Ride

Since we only rode about 90 miles on the 14th we decided to go out again. This time we were not really sure where we were going to go so we started off heading towards Galena. Once there we decided to go to Reeds Spring, Shell Knob, then Kimberling City where we stopped at some relatives for a drink. By then it was beginning to sprinkle so we headed home quickly. Round trip was about 125miles.

 Link to Map

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7/14/07 Motorcycle Trip

We took the same route as last weekend. Here are a couple pictures I took while we were riding.

PIC-0027 PIC-0028 PIC-0030 PIC-0033

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July 4th Motorcycle Ride

Took off in the afternoon on a nice ride. This is the first one that all 3 of us have been able to go on together. The trip down Highway H was a beautiful curvy road where we only saw motorcycles as we drove through the Mark Twain national forest.

Link to Google Map

On my next trip I will try to take some pictures. My new seat should come in also so I can hopefully go on a longer trip.

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New Motorcycle

As a method to save some money on fuel I have just purchased a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom in Blue. I will post pictures in the next couple of days. So far I have been getting 47-50mpg vs the 11-12 I get in my F250 pickup.

I am planning to post the routes of the different motorcycle rides that I take through the Ozarks around Nixa, MO and hopefully some pictures of them also.

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Molly teaching how to drive!

Sent from my Windows Mobile handheld.

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Jack eating crackers at his sisters game

Gotta love that pocket
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Lots of new things happening again…

As you may know already there are several things that have changed for me recently. I have changed jobs again and now work for Jakel Inc. I am really enjoying my new job there as Network Administrator and can see lots of places where major improvements can be made to the IT systems. Such things as Active Directory cleanup and standardization, Exchange upgrades, Intranet upgrade to Sharepoint V3, Reporting, Backups, and many other areas including implementing a Help Desk solution.

I also have a new phone and phone number that I will be sending out soon. I am enjoying having the new Cingular BlackJack and love it compared to the 2125 I had before.

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