New Soft Gel Seat

After riding several hundred miles on the original Kawasaki seat I decided that I could not take it much longer. So I ordered the new Soft Gel Seat from Kawasaki. This new seat is much more comfortable than the original seat since I now have a short backrest in the seat and the cushion is softer. The passenger portion is much larger which is the only portion that I do not like about the seat. From the back the seat flares out which makes it look kind of silly on my "custom" looking motorcycle. Oh well, comfort first, then looks. I have yet to have anyone actually try the passenger seat so I don’t know how comfortable it is. It has to be great since it is so large… only time will tell.


 PIC-0026 PIC-0025



PIC-0034 PIC-0035

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One Response to New Soft Gel Seat

  1. Regiermom says:

    I like your new seat, I think it is sexy:)

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