Molly teaching how to drive!

Sent from my Windows Mobile handheld.

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Jack eating crackers at his sisters game

Gotta love that pocket
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Lots of new things happening again…

As you may know already there are several things that have changed for me recently. I have changed jobs again and now work for Jakel Inc. I am really enjoying my new job there as Network Administrator and can see lots of places where major improvements can be made to the IT systems. Such things as Active Directory cleanup and standardization, Exchange upgrades, Intranet upgrade to Sharepoint V3, Reporting, Backups, and many other areas including implementing a Help Desk solution.

I also have a new phone and phone number that I will be sending out soon. I am enjoying having the new Cingular BlackJack and love it compared to the 2125 I had before.

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Windows Home Server

I have been doing a lot of reading on the newly announced Windows Home Server. Take a look at this video over at Channel 9

Link to Windows Home Server

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Guess Not

Looks like nobody ever reads this so it is just a journal for me.

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Does anyone read this?

I have been curious to know if anyone reads any of the content that I write down? Or is this just a personal journal? If someone is reading it let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email to I would love to hear from you.

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Response to Help Desk Software

I spent a good amount of time looking for a Help Desk solution to implement. The requirements were ASP or ASP.NET and free. I was also looking for a solution that was easy for users to submit tickets with. After looking at many products I finally settled for Liberum. After im-plementing the software and changing to AD authentication we asked our users to begin using the software. For the most part the software works fine. There are several quircks with the software that are bothersome but not enough to warrant spending $1000 for different software.

1. When any ticket is in the pending status none of the reports work.

2. No support for email submission of tickets.

3. During incident submission if you forget to fill out a field you are notified but when you go back to the form not all of the fields keep their settings thus making it difficult for users to complete the form.

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